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a newbie arrives tho an old hand i am...or was.

Subject: a newbie arrives tho an old hand i am...or was.
by shirobanryu on 2015/12/5 14:20:47

hi to all on this site.
my name is robert roma.
my nickname is shirobanryu.
...a long time ago a rather tall young man began training with ninja.he began to share his knowledge with a wannabe ninja dreamer(and several others).this was in adelaide in 1984.some years later(in 1990)after working two jobs etc both the tall young man and ninja dreamer REALised their dream and travelled for the first time to train with ninja. several years later they parted company.the dreamer(who had/has an independent approach)was involved in such as a traffic accident and still bears the results of that to this day, set aside his training and started a family.two beautiful innocent children later and with the healing process well under way...the dream of the dreamer will no longer be ignored.

The young tall man is Ed Lomax.
I am the dreamer-robert roma.

I am now ready to train...so train i will.

Having been "absent" (in body at least) for several years i am unfit, unused to training rigors and so on. My focus over the next year or so,whilst saving for another jap.trip will be on kihon happo reacquaintance and basic weaponry.

If ANYONE out there has a training approach or suggestions for such a "recovery" PLS. PLS. contact me. also if anyone knows of a bujinkan suitable trng.group(in adelaide sth.aust.) that could accommodate a slightly worn and used ninja dreamer to get back his PLAYFUL FEEL...

thanks in advance-ninpo ikkan

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