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Subject: Certificates
by schistkicker on 2018/5/8 4:34:50

I'm new to the Kutaki forum and first of all want to say hello, I've known about the page for many years but had never signed up. I have seen some previous (very old) threads about this question but wanted to start a new thread to start fresh.

My question pertains to the ranking certificates issued by the Hombu. I have been training for 20-years and have many certificates but since I do not speak or read Japanese, deciphering details like the rank and certificate date are a bit of a mystery. I have 11 certificates spanning both kyu and dan levels, I can easily see the standard "canned language" portions and the sections that are specific to my name, rank, and date.

Since openly posting a certificate could allow fraudulent copies to be made, I will not do this. Can someone with knowledge of the language be willing to look at one or two of my certificates via PM and provide a breakdown of what the document(s) actually say?

Thanks in advance!
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