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KACEM ZOUGHARI: 1st Time in NEW YORK CITY, USA - MAY 27th & 28th

Subject: KACEM ZOUGHARI: 1st Time in NEW YORK CITY, USA - MAY 27th & 28th
by JoshNYC on 2006/3/27 15:46:57

Bujinkan New York City Benevolent Heart Dojo is pleased to announce a weekend seminar with Kacem Zoughari.

Mr. Zoughari, a Ph.D. candidate in Japanese History and Culture, will be offering his unique perspective on "Shinken Kihon" and "Bukiwaza", the real fighting fundamentals and weapon techniques of the Bujinkan.

Kacem Zoughari, a long time student of Masaaki Hatsumi has lived and trained in Japan, on and off for the last 16 years. While in Japan, he has been the personal translator and secretary for Soke Masaaki Hatsumi as well as being a translator of the Quest Video Company.

Kacem is a "Lavoisier" (researcher) at the French Department of Foreign Affairs. He is also a researcher and instructor of Japanese Language for INALCO, National Institute for the Study of Oriental Languages and Civilizations. Lastly, Kacem is a member of the Nihon Budo Gakkai (Budo Researcher's Organization of Japan).

He is the Author of "Ninpô-Ninjutsu, L'ombre de la Lumiere", and several articles about Ninjutsu and koryu-ha. He is a frequent worldwide university lecturer, having appeared at the Kodokan Judo Institute, Nihon Budokan Kyokai and Ryukyu Kai and other locations.

For "Out of Towners"

The end of May through June is perfect for a visit to NYC. There are plenty of fun Events and Activities to see while you are in the heart of NYC.

Please check out our site soon for our suggestions.

And an exhibit that many New Yorkers have been raving about:

We would also like to help you find the best accommodations possible. Please check our site for information updates on affordable lodging and fill out a registration form so we can best help you.

Tasty Budo, Tasty "Big Apple"

Please join us for a tour of the best food of NYC.
• World famous Cantonese China Town delicacies
• Mouth-watering classic NYC Deli food in the heart of the theatre district
• Authentic Korean flavors from NYC's Korea Town
• And for the Banquet feast: fantastic Florentine Italian Cuisine
-Pre-registration or reservation is necessary for restaurant reservations.

Please revisit our site for sample menus.

This is going to be a fun, exciting, seminar!


For more information and details please visit our website:

Bujinkan New York City Benevolent Heart Dojo
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