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Re: KACEM ZOUGHARI: 1st Time in NEW YORK CITY, USA - MAY 27th & 28th

Subject: Re: KACEM ZOUGHARI: 1st Time in NEW YORK CITY, USA - MAY 27th & 28th
by JoshNYC on 2006/4/2 3:43:18

Ooops, forgot one fun point in Kacem's bio:

Mr. Zoughari is an instructor of Special Forces in North Africa and an advisor for police and security forces specializing in close protection.

And some of my own opinions:

Quite simply, Kacem is a scholar with unprecedented knowledge in the Bujinkan Traditions and Koryu-ha. Moreover he has the uncanny ability to clearly show his vast knowledge through his Taijutsu. His movements are remarkable and effective, hence the interest of various military, police and security personnel in his instruction.

If you haven't met Kacem yet, then you owe it to your training and yourself to meet him. If you have met him, well, then I’m sure we will see you at the seminar.

If you need help with finding, hotels, hostels, and housing, E-mail us, we would like to make your trip to NYC as enjoyable as possible.
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