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Re: SKH article (ooh...controversy!)

Subject: Re: SKH article (ooh...controversy!)
by Leonardo on 2005/3/3 5:45:53


Bruin wrote:
Hello James,
Your question does merit a polite reply of course, but the subject matter for some is sensitive, why I dont know, Mr SKH has been training for more years than many and is perfectly entitled to his own opinion and system, on one point though, he does say that he teaches a modern application of the art, and fair dues to him having the strength and determination to sse it thru and teach it as he sees fit, in it's own right, he doesnt call it ninjitsu it has a different name with a different purpose.
It takes great strength to move away from your mentor and pursue your own convictions, only time can tell how right or successful you may have been. For those of you out there that have not met or even know Mr Hayes, I suggest keeping quiet about things you know nothing about, stick to training and when you have at least 20 years in, then feel free to spout a qualified rather than a unqualified opinion,after 20 yrs you've earned the right(doesn't mean your going to), having said that I find myself having to come to the defense of others, and quite rightly so, that is what being a "gentleman at arms" is all about.
Mr Hayes was the first to honestly go and create his own system and I have to respect him for that, in a way we all teach in our own unique way Mr Hayes simply codified into a system that embodies his style and way of thought.
My prediction for the future, is that there will be many more like him in years to come, so save the hipprocracy till then.

Mark Guest
New York

1. I AM A "NON BUJINKANNER" hence the forum catagory.
Therefore, there is no hippocracy to what I am stating. (if you meant me).

2. You suggest that anybody that does not know someone who is a public figure and displaying info about their experiences on their website can not be discussed unless you train for 20 years until you might "earn the right"? Are you serious? Did you make up that rule? I don't want to train for 20 years in order to discuss these things. Is this a rule on here or somthing?

3. People often use martial arts "time" and "rank" to make up for their lack of "rank" (money, respect, self esteem, ect.) in society. When they are in the martial arts world they can feel respected and somehow better than others. When they are in regular society outside of the dojo or whatever, they are no better than anyone else. nobody cares what style or rank or how much time you spent knowing who. Wake up and come into the real world, where most of the combat is making money and gaining good relationships outside the internet or dojo. I'm not saying this is your case, I don't know you. This is not a stab at you guys.

I don't have a problem with either of you. However, you do not outrank me if I am not in your organization. I am just a man trying to survive like I'm sure you are. I wish you happieness. I gotta go make some money...

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