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Re: Let it go

Subject: Re: Let it go
by Leonardo on 2005/3/9 3:37:43


I've heard Soke refer to the Bujinkan as a big family, where everybody needs to learn how to get along, whether they want to or not. I firmly believe this is true.

I also believe that it's inappropriate to pubically air family grievances to just anybody who will listen. Posting grievances on the internet definitely qualifies for this sort of activity.

Whatever people's problems or issues may be with Steve, there should also be respect given to the idea that the family business should stay within the family. I might recount my personal experiences to people I know and trust, but certainly I wouldn't do it to people I've never met.

I can understand and sympathize with people's desires to know these background stories. All I can suggest is that you train with someone who you feel like has this knowledge, and see whether they can get to a point of trusting you enough to tell you such things. This approach sounds an awful like any quest for knowledge that isn't easily obtained. If you want it bad enough, it takes work.

And this is why there are so many opinions, yet lack of reasons given for those opinions; just a "trust me". This is why people come along and don't know what to believe.

Ben Cole and R. Severe have both laid out some of their reasons and evidence for their beleifs.

You don't necesserily have to recount personnal stories about your experiences on the net or to people you don't know or whatever, but you can't expect those people to beleive you with no evidence provided either.

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