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Re: a question that concerns any muslim who wishes to join a martial arts school

Subject: Re: a question that concerns any muslim who wishes to join a martial arts school
by mariusz on 2007/12/30 20:03:35

ehhhh, this got me thinking even more... so..


musa-shi wrote:

are there any authentic ninjutsu classes
jeapordising my religous practises in other ways such as grappling with or touching females in the class (a very disliked thing in my religion)?

wow, thank you for the earning experience. I did not realize that this might be a religious problem.
I suggest talk to some religious elders/leaders to check if you really cannot train with a woman. If so, I would advise find some other art. Maybe you are just misinterpreting something and want to be too careful? I would suggest Brazilian Ju-Jitsu, truly great art - and I hear that they do not train with woman too eagerly. I heard that actually from a woman who is a Black belt in BJJ and who went trough hell because the guys did not want to train with her.

Let me explain why i think that "not training with women" does not fit bujinkan training and culture... there are so many facets on which this seems to be wrong, I will touch only ones that stay far away from the statements that would lead to culture clashes or religious disputes. Again, I do not mean any disrespect but your comment made me think and out of respect for all the gals I trained with (will be more than 100 for sure in my 30 years of martial arts) I wanted to say a few words:

1) I am puzzled how can you have "authentic ninjutsu" without training with women? If you do not know what they are capable of then any woman will trick you. (anyway I am not sure if we understand the same thing by ninjutsu )

2) Some times, when we train, we switch partners every 5-10 minutes. We rotate let say clockwise to the next person so that everybody has an experience of different body types, skills etc. So... how do you go about such rotation when you get paired up with a woman? You say "I cannot train with that person because she is a woman". You would have to spend a lot of energy not to screw up the harmony of a dojo IMHO. Not impossible but difficult. Without your detailed explanations, to the other people, this would look like a disrespect for women! I do not care if you refuse to bow, refuse say some ceremonial phrases etc. this is fine BUT: at all the dojos I trained at (more than 20 in several different countries) women are respected as equal partners!!!

3) Also, I remember many times that I was able to understand some aspect of the art better because i was lucky to train with a woman and she had different energy, different sensitivity than a guy would have. There are many precious lesson I got this way.

4) Here is one of the basics about the training methodology. When you train you do scenario/role playing. This is one of the meanings of the bow that you are supposed to give to your training partner: you say "now the play it is on!". When you play, you play with another human being and you remove form the present real-life relationship. So, unless specifically scripted that way, it DOES NOT MATTER in training what the uke's sex is and many other rules also do not matter! Let me put it this way: if you are an attacker, you are playing the bad guy, right? It is against religion to but a bad guy! right? So, you should never attack if you follow your strict rules... The same applies to hitting a woman. For example, in my culture, in Poland where I grew up, hitting a woman is very, very big taboo. You are the lowest scum if you do it. However, in the role playing during training, I do this and my heart is pure. In fact, first time I did it it felt like a big sacrifice for the sake for my training partner and shi noticed that and I had to explain because that was in the US and she felt a bit disrespected (she was a shodan and could take a hit and she did not understand my cultural limitation).

Well, (and this is a joke) most of the girls you cannot train with would eat any of us for breakfast if they wanted to, so maybe it is wise to think hard about it...

'nuff said!

minna-san bujinkan no kunoichi: please accept my humble bow!

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