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Re: a question that concerns any muslim who wishes to join a martial arts school

Subject: Re: a question that concerns any muslim who wishes to join a martial arts school
by Toruko-jin on 2007/12/30 20:45:35

Dear Musa-Shi,
I see no problem with being a Muslim and training Bujinkan. I also know that there are different approaches in Islam (I do not want to get in too deep as this will be a religious talk and here is not the place for it)but please try to stay away for any fundemantalist currents, please stay in the middle road as our prophet (S.A.V.) said. He also said that it is a sunnet (better if you do it) that Muslims learn martial arts sothat they can defend them selves. Ofcourse I have respect to your friends and etc. but please try to learn our religion from Holly Kuran-i Kerim (and our prophet's sunnet and Hadis) and not by other people as there is no holly people class (like a priests )in Islam, we are all equal do not forget.
I also never asked a Bujinkan member or any body else about his/her religion or nobody asked mine. That is sth. between you and God only so who can say anything about it.
I also have many advise for you as I found some great approaches in Islam to be suited for 6th sense trainings, if you are interested. Please pm me for that as I do not want to take it here cause it is religion oriented. I also understand and admire your excitement as you have freely made your own choice.
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