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Re: Questions And Guidance Please

Subject: Re: Questions And Guidance Please
by jwills79 on 2008/9/11 17:06:14


Angel wrote: . . .if after mastering the Genbukan syllabus is it possible to then join the Bujinkan?
Dseago wrote: No.

Angel wrote: Or is this forbidden?
Dseago wrote: Yes.

Yes, it possible. Some people in those organizations may not like it but it is possible. If you decide to leave the Genbukan organization and you don't violate any of the other rules then you may join the Bujinkan. You can't be a member of both organizations at the sametime. You also should not be training with both organizations at the sametime. You can leave one and join another. I have personally never heard or seen a person be rejected from one of the X-kans simply because of their previous training experience. Checkout the official Bujinkan website or just email Mr.George Ohashi.

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