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Buji Rules?

Subject: Buji Rules?
by renaironin on 2008/12/12 16:58:31

Forgive me group.

I have some questions I would like cleared up to the best of the groups ability.

I have posted here before and have gotten great insight from other Budoka of this group. I have stated in my previous posts that I study under the Jinenkan Flag (Unsui Makana Sensei)one degree of separation from him under one of his senior students. And yes, I have trained with Unsui Manaka Sensei on numerous continents

I had made contact with a Shidoshi of the Bujinkan in my area to train with them. When I stated that I train in the Jinenkan I was told that Hatsumi Sensei does not allow Jinenkan members to train within the Bujinkan. Yet, when In "NODA where both the Bujinkan and the Jinenkan Honbu's are located", I am welcome to train at the Bujinkan Honbu. Also the Jinenkan has many members from the Bujinkan and many from the Bujinkan have purchased more tutorial videos produced by Unsui Manaka Sensei from the Jinenkan than Jinenkan members have within the last 2 years.

I cant understand why I would not be allowed here in the US to train with other Buji's? To my understanding there is no beef between either Kan and I believe that the Kobudo is a gift for those with a pure heart and clear mind. Am I missing something?

Anyone have any idea why this is?


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