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Re: Buji Rules?

Subject: Re: Buji Rules?
by noname on 2009/1/2 19:52:01


kouryuu wrote:
Not 100% sure yet - That depends a lot on the seminar organizer.

I was just about to recommend that you write to Sensei about your Buj/Jin training dilemma, but I see that you're already on that. (You've already had one Japanese Shihan tell you his direct opinion on here, but sure, go to the source if that's not good enough for you.)

Well, his opinion seemed to be that "chasing two hares" wasn't a good thing. To me, it is clear that Takamatsu sensei chased more than 2 hares.

In fact, many people would consider "mastering" 9 ryu-ha as "chasing 9 hares."

Just to clarify, the outcome of this debate (i.e. Soke's words) won't really influence my training all that much. I don't cross-train between the kans.

Merry X-mas!


Why don't you just ask your teacher what he or she thinks?

I have. Personally, he sees no problem with it.


... or grow a fucking brain.

I think scientists are starting to do that nowadays. Maybe I can mail order one......

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