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Re: Ralph Severe's rank claims

Subject: Re: Ralph Severe's rank claims
by Zenigata on 2010/3/5 8:53:50

Rank was given in “Ninpo Taijutsu” until 1995 when Hatsumi-sensei changed the name of the art to “Budo Taijutsu”.

There are fifteen dan (lit. levels) in Bujinkan Dojo Budo Taijutsu representing the 15 years Hatsumi-sensei trained with Takamatsu-sensei. Any reasonable person should be able to pass through all the levels within 20 to 30 years of training. The system is based on the menkyo system that preceded it and the dan ranks in the Bujinkan are different than those of other budo and kakutogi such as judo, kendo, karate etc. To obtain fifteenth dan isn’t to have obtained mastery but to have been training long enough to have the potential for mastery.

Therefore in context ninth dan isn’t that high a rank.

I don’t actually know what Ralph’s rank is. If you live in Madrid why should you care?

The thread you linked to is about 140-something pages long, there must be some better use of your time.
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