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Re: Kihon Happo

Subject: Re: Kihon Happo
by MWDAndy on 2004/11/15 21:10:53

Here's some stuff on the subject of the Kihon Happo which might shed some light on the subject. It's taken from Jack Hoban's book "Ninpo - Living And Thinking As A Warrior", page 146.

The kihon happo, or "all-direction fundamentals", are the inspirational source for the fighting method eventually employed by a ninja in combat. Actually the term, itself, has been rather misleading to the Westerner. In Japanese, the term kihon means fundamental, while the word happo is derived from the word hachi, which means "eight". When the "ha" becomes "happo" it ceases to mean eight and becomes "all-directional". Although the kihon happo is sometimes taught as a series of eight exercises (which further compounds the misunderstanding), it may be more useful to think of them as that set of all individually distinguishable techniques, be they kicks, punches, throws, or immobilizations, that we can practice to gain taijutsu proficiency.

When I first heard the term kihon happo, I was looking for eight techniques. However, when I asked the various senior teachers to show them to me, they each had a different version. Believe me, there are more than eight. Including variations, there are an infinite number of them.

For what it's worth, this is the basic set of techniques that I teach as the "kihon happo" although I vary each one to incorporate the various strikes, chokes, locks, throws, escapes etc. as listed in the TCJRnM I use these eight as the bones and then change the actual technical details to put the flesh on the bones.

Kihon Happo (KH) Ichimonji
KH Hicho
KH Jumonji
KH Omote Gyaku Dori
KH Ura Gyaku Dori
KH Oni Kudaki Dori
KH Musha Dori
KH Ganseki Nage

These are the techniques and I use the "fuel source" of kamae and the "engine" of Sanshin no Kata to power them. Just my thinking on the subject today - maybe tomorrow's thinking will be different because yesterday's certainly was.
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