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Re: Kihon Happo

Subject: Re: Kihon Happo
by Unsubscribed on 2004/11/15 22:03:09


MWDAndy wrote:
For what it's worth, this is the basic set of techniques that I teach as the "kihon happo" .....
Kihon Happo (KH) Ichimonji
KH Hicho
KH Jumonji
KH Omote Gyaku Dori
KH Ura Gyaku Dori
KH Oni Kudaki Dori
KH Musha Dori
KH Ganseki Nage

But Kihon is kihon and even though they can be expanded out to included infinate variations I think it is VERY IMPORTANT to understand the basic forms too. In Nakadai-sensei's dojo the basic form is practiced EVERY session.

If I change the Kihon to a list that I create myself and calling that the "Kihon Happo" is failing my duty as a Shidoshi.

Omote Kote Gata
Ura Kote Gata
Omote Gyakku Ken Sabaki Gata (Omote Gyaku against grab and punch attack)
Ude Jime Ashi Ori Gata (Musha Dori)
Ganseki Gata

Soke put out the DVD "Kobudo no Kihon" so there is really no excuse now for Shidoshi to teach the basic forms incorrectly.

"Ninpo - Living and Thinking as a Warrior" is a pretty crap book and certainly not something I would recommend anyone use as a reference for Budo Taijutsu. A lot of these sorts of books from the eighties were published by people with little understanding of what they were writing about at the time. A guy who was training me bought Jack Hoban's video series which did show him being much further down the track .. for example the correct "basic form" of Kihon Happo is presented there.

This just shows that Jack has come a LOT further than his presentation of the Kihon Happo in that old book.

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