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Re: Kihon Happo

Subject: Re: Kihon Happo
by MWDAndy on 2004/11/15 23:17:30

I would have to agree that Jack's book "Ninpo" is indeed an old book (noise of frantic rummaging in bag to see where I've put it!) - it was published in 1988 and sure, Jack's understanding of Kihon Happo as well as many other subjects has found greater depth since then. But just because something is old doesn't mean it has no value. I think the book is still worth looking at, if only because it provides a glimpse into the Bujinkan Dojo as it was then. And I personally feel the book provides food for thought - of course not everyone will see everything the same because we're all different ("I'm not" - that's for the Monty Python fans out there ). Also, as I've pointed out in a previous thread here on Kutaki, many of Hatsumi sensei's books were published back in the 1980s and even earlier and yet we are still instructed to read them - his thinking and technique has moved on since then too so maybe we shouldn't be reading his early books and watching his early videos? Doesn't the foreword by Hatsumi sensei in the book "Ninpo Wisdom For Life say something about this? I haven't got it with me and so can't provide a quote.

As for the listing of the Kihon Happo you give, I've seen this one too as well as many many others over the years, a great many of them coming from Hatsumi sensei's materials and the majority of them are different (different techniques, different names, different kanji etc). Which one is correct? Certainly the names I use for mine may not be the exact traditional names used for some of them but they're the ones I've been shown the most over the years so I just stuck with them. Maybe we should go back to Kihon Happo Number One, Kihon Happo Number Two etc again to avoid confusion?

Hachigoro said:-
Soke put out the DVD "Kobudo no Kihon" so there is really no excuse now for Shidoshi to teach the basic forms incorrectly.

Certainly "Kobudo no Kihon" is a superb video/DVD (my copy is out on loan to a student at the moment) and everyone should get hold of a copy, along with "Budo Wa Nan Desu Ka?". I also agree that it is a superb source for helping us to understand the Kihon Happo concept. But this is just today's reference source. I wonder what tomorrow's reference source will look like and what'll be in it?

To quote Dazza - "Oops! There goes another point!"

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