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Re: Staff training...

Subject: Re: Staff training...
by stred10 on 2017/7/27 18:56:16

I would personally recommand "Blend in-person training and online training"
Both in-person and online training have inherent benefits. The aforementioned InterCall survey found that 50 percent of employers believed in-person training helped them retain information. This makes sense considering that the trainer would be able to answer employee questions while presenting the material.
But once the trainer leaves the office and employees try to apply their new skills, who’s going to clear up any confusion? This is probably why 48 percent of respondents said they still want to be able to review content at a later time.
By incorporating both in-person and online resources, employees are able to get a fuller understanding of the information during training and have a reference to turn to if issues arise in the future.
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