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Subject: Self-practice
by Amaterasu on 2005/7/20 4:12:45

First of all i'd like to introduce myself since I just registered here at kutaki. I started training with bujinkan this january (2005) in Sweden and got my 9th kyu some month ago. I personally feel I don't have the knowledge to actually move a discussion forward but instead simply adding my views of the subject. Thus I'm mainly here for "information gathering" yoroshiku onegai shimasu!

Having that said, I will continue with the topic...

Since I'm not that lucky to have someone to practice with during the summer, I've been searching for ways I can "maximize" (lack of better word for it) the results of my training. I think I've somehow understood the importance of a good kihon and I'm now giving myself an half-an-hour to practice sanshin and the movements of the kihon happo. I've found that it's actually quite relaxing at the same time to do everything with a "tai chi-feeling" big and slow movements with some relaxing music in the background. I was wondering if someone else has found the same (or similiar) way of practicing the basics by themselves?

Shikin haramitsu daikomyou !

Marcus Olsson
9th kyu
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