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Re: Self-practice

Subject: Re: Self-practice
by Fnord325 on 2005/7/22 4:36:21

I am stuck in a similar situation. I practiced goho no kata of Kukishin ryu bojutsu for 2 years by myself on trees, posts, the air, what have you, before I was able to move onto other things in bojutsu. Same with kihon happo and sanshin. This was due to isolation. So, I used my imagination.

Trees are wonderful training partners. As are telephone poles, and large fence posts. Practicing koshi sanpo kihon happo while examining your angles and kukan around trees is an excellent method of training. It doesn't beat a live opponent, but it has its place. Luckily my wife returned to training, so I have a body to work with every once in a while.

The slow thing is very, very important. If you can't do it slow, then you won't be able to do it fast. Ukemi for example, you won't be able to do it on rough black top or gravel if you don't have it down slow.

Take the time to feel where your balance ends through your ankles, knees, hips, and shoulders and gravity takes you. Check your angles. Time spent with this will put you far ahead of some people. You should be able to kill 2 hours on ukemi alone in one session, should you choose to do so.

Although I am always happy when I can get to train with other groups and instructors, I cherish my solo training time very much. It is my laboratory. Such moments are precious and need to be used to their utmost.
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