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Re: Opinions

Subject: Re: Opinions
by jhealy on 2007/12/14 22:43:57


You probably have the option of training in another art. I would train in another art with a good teacher if there was no Bujinkan teacher available to me.

There are people who have no interest in training in other arts, which means that training in another art is not a valid choice for them ... in which case if there aren't any Bujinkan teachers around, they have "no other choice", so to speak.

Regardless of whether you have a teacher in front of you or not, in the beginning you're still just copying "what you think you see". Of course, it's way better to have a teacher in front of you to help correct your mistakes. I don't think anybody would argue that. But if the choice is home study course or not training at all, why discourage people from using the home study course?

[Edited for clarity]
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