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Re: Soke's Diet

Subject: Re: Soke's Diet
by Kasumi on 2008/4/26 12:34:54

Don't eat raw rice - that is very bad for you.

From The Way of the Ninja
Having a healthy everyday diet is still the foundation on which one should build the kind of body which will help one's Taijutsu (to) grow. Above all, I recommend eating plenty of vegetables. The ninja kihon happo diet consists of brown rice, tofu, sesame, miso soup, no salt, no sugar, uncooked food and colored vegetables.

He does go on to mention roasting brown rice using a stone and sunlight but doesn't explain it - different than raw.

From the diet and lifestyle section of Togakure Ryu Ninpo Taijutsu he gives Takamatsu's diet at 80 as consisting of 3 meals a day of tofu, sesame, vegetables, sobako (noodle flour) and small fish eaten whole. His own diet at the time of writing the book consisted of, for lunch, large quanitites of raw vegetables eaten straight from the strainer, brown rice, tofu, sesame and small fish and for dinner raw vegetables and anything he wants as the main but preferably raw and without spices or seasoning.

The book [i]Ima Ninja[/i) gives the same sorts of recomendations but also includes not eating things with four legs.
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