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Re: Soke's Diet

Subject: Re: Soke's Diet
by shunketsu on 2008/4/28 11:36:08

I am certain that there will always be things that are good (2 litres of clean water) and things that are bad, as well as what we personally can tolerate that others can't (like me and french fries). Two thoughts I'd like to chime in.

1st, that when we are adjusting our diet to something better (more greens, for example) we need to give our bodies time to adjust. It may take a couple of weeks to see if something really does help. The first few days may be spent farting up the place (as Lance put it) or with even more B.O. as your body purges toxins. Or if you are switching to an anti-candida diet you may find yourself itching in embarassing places at the beginning.

2nd, the Taoists have a 5 element system in which they look at the time, day, month and year of birth to derive your personal element mix. In their paradigm, someone who is lacking fire in their mix will be drawn towards guns, smoking, TV and computers and suffer less (or no) ill-effects from them (Takamatsu sensei was a smoker too, let's not forget that), while those who lack wood in their mix will totally love veggies, books and doing creative stuff.

I had a freaky experience with a person who knew that system. From my date of birth he told me my favorite foods, colors, time of the day and which parts of Singapore I enjoy the most... As I said, freaky...

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