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Re: Soke's Diet

Subject: Re: Soke's Diet
by ChrisSand on 2008/4/30 9:43:27

Randy Sessions was one of my favorite teachers at B.A.D. as he was so painful. Pain is a great teacher but few want to attend its classes. Thom Humphreys is always telling me this.

Anyway, about the fish, its the same way here in Chattanooga. Catfish should be off the menu and other fish I think is two meals a month. 'round these parts, farm raised is best or farm ponds. When I do eat meat, I try to make it venison which I kill myself, no growth hormones. Also no fat exists in deer within the muscle as they store their fat on the outside.

Didnt want to start a flame war. Things I write about are based on my own experiences and I welcome correction and new knowledge always.
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