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Re: Soke's Diet

Subject: Re: Soke's Diet
by Unsubscribed on 2008/5/2 10:22:20


petelohstroh wrote:
Ouch! I guess I was feeling my oats and trying to out-dick a guy who seems to be in the middle of several hairballs presently (your name here). Maybe next time...

Ah gotcha, I'm kind of in the middle of a few rants right now and missed it. It was a good try, but out dicking me might take some work. I teach a graduate course in it...


But seriously (how's that for deflection?)
Number A) The funny thing about farmed fish is that they tend to have higher concentrations of fat-soluble toxicants than wild critters because they are in confined spaces. For one, the water they live in may have higher levels of xenobiotics to begin with including potent endocrine disruptors like PCBs, dioxin, growth hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, pthalates, heavy metal, antibiotics, organophosphates.

Cool, I'm familiar with that in salmon, and I know back earlier this decade they were using pellets that had unsafe levels of some kind of crap in them and were making them ingest some type of chemical to change their meat pink.

My understanding is that the local hatcheries here who do trout, which is all that I'll eat that I catch in GA, are just as or not healthier than stream caught.

Honestly I just eat stuff I catch and not worry about it to much.


Number B) Most normal humans have a variety of ailments including but not limited to a sore back for which they take medication. But that misses the point that there is no such thing as a “normal” person.

Someone with a sore back is still normal, they just have a sore back. Medically not normal would be hypertensive people, Type I and II Diabetics, people with cancer, severe heart issues, or any other issue that would prevent them from following a regular diet without severe reprecussions (for the purposes of what we are talking about here at least).


Number C) No one has ever proved that blueberries and tomatoes actually fight cancer in a clinical or in a free-living situation.

True, but they are foods "thought to fight cancer," much like the ones Chris was talking about which is why I brought them up.
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