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Re: Soke's Diet

Subject: Re: Soke's Diet
by Unsubscribed on 2008/5/4 23:11:48


Philip wrote:

Native Americans gobbled nuts, dried meats. Eskimos gobble blubber and seal meat with very littel ingestion of vegetable matter. I eat a western diet consisting of meat, veggies and grains. Medievals ate bread with everything in it. I have lived longer tha most medievals. My G-Grand father had a diet that constisted primarliy of Oklahoma fat saturated foods. His dietician in the old folks home said he needed to cut back on his bacon and eggs in the morning. Unfortunatly he didn't and died at a 106 years of age. I don't think the tabacco could be considered a raw food, but I may be wrong.
Maybe a diet that is comfortable, well rounded, nutrient diverse and in smaller portions could be the only thing you need to do as far as food goes.

you have lived longer than Meievals. Good for you.

Now have you ever heard of such lovely things as penicillin, antibiotics, surgery, diagnostic or preventative medicine? I think these have contributed to your long life more so than your meat gorging diet.
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