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Re: Soke's Diet

Subject: Re: Soke's Diet
by shunketsu on 2008/5/9 0:51:33


Boggs wrote:


The bacteria for chlorea and dysentry can be dealt with with boiling. The problems created by chlorine and fluoride can't. The biggest grouse I have with those two chemicals is that they are deliberately added to the drinking water, and we're told they are actually good for us. Nobody tries to put a spin job over the copper, lead, mercury and other nasties that use over-the-top distortion on their electric guitars.

I drink 1 - 1.5 gallons of water a day, I'm not spending four hours a day boiling water... Besides if you have allot of heavy metals in your water and you boil it then you are going to concentrate those heavy metals as the water evaporates. I know your not telling me you boil all of the water you drink.


(Heavy metal, get it? (cue 'smoke on the water' guitar riff here) Oh nevermind... )

I thought YOU of all people would get pi55ed off at this kind of cover up...

I don't get it.

My first point is: why add toxic chemicals to do something boiling can do in the first place? Of course, now that the chemicals HAVE been added, boiling the water isn't a smart idea. You now have to choose between less concentrated (don't boil) or more concentrated (boil) toxic chemical mix, including those chemicals paid for and put into the water by YOUR tax money...

2nd point: heavy metal chemicals // heavy metal music. Clearer now? I was trying to crack a joke there...

3rd point: I'm referring to the spin job put into convincing people that fluoride was put into the water for THEIR benefit. It's hard not to read up on the matter and dismiss it as a crazy conspiracy theory, but there are people in the US fighting to have fluoride removed from their drinking water. And they are not all kooks.

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