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Training in Iraq?

Subject: Training in Iraq?
by Syke2k4 on 2009/1/2 3:29:40

Hi everyone,

Im a Marine living in CA, and my unit is gonna be shipped out to Iraq pretty soon. For security reasons, i cant say the exact location, but, to anyone whos been overseas:

1) are there any training groups out there?

and if not

2) whats the best way to continue training, without a teacher?

Ive been training only about 2 years in this art. my first year, i felt very lost because i had not been grounded in the basics. Now in my second year, with a different teacher, i feel much more confident in my basics,but i am still very young in this art. I would like to hear any ideas on continuing training/practice, possibly without an uke, and definitely without a teacher...

any takers?
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