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Looking for Ninjitsu Training Partners in the NW Indiana Area

Subject: Looking for Ninjitsu Training Partners in the NW Indiana Area
by ronin7411 on 2009/10/27 3:27:45

Hi, I stay in the Northwest Indiana area and train at the World Gym in Highland, Indiana because that is the only gym out in my area that will allow their members to spar and train in the martial arts openly. I'm basically trying to find a sparring partner to help me with my training in Ninjitsu and to also help me open the only Ninjitsu dojo in the Northwest Indiana area. I'm not style discriminatory as long as the person wants to help me accomplish my goals I'll be more than happy to train and spar with them. Currently the only things I can bring to sparring with anyone is 2 pairs of Top Contender MMA gloves (one Large the other Regular), 3 Velcro connecting mats, an Everlast Punching Bag, and my membership to World Gym to use their facilities to train at. If you can help me out or are looking for another person to help you with your studies regarding Ninjitsu in the Northwest Indiana area. Please contact me at ronin7411@yahoo.com to see if we can talk about training and sparring with each other. Also bring your friends and any other people you know that stay in the Northwest Indiana area that would like to train in Ninjitsu as well. The more people I can get to spar and train with me or anyone else that trains with me the better. Thanks to anyone that can help me out.
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