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Re: Looking for Ninjitsu Training Partners in the NW Indiana Area

Subject: Re: Looking for Ninjitsu Training Partners in the NW Indiana Area
by ronin7411 on 2009/10/27 17:13:07

I've been training in the martial arts since I was 8 years old I'm 25 now and I'm turning 26 this upcoming November 5 but I never had any formal training in Ninjitsu. I've checked out the Bujinkan dojo listings and found out that they had a dojo out here called American Warrior Arts but when I contacted them I never got a response and the operator said that the phone number is out of service. I'm just trying to found someone in my area of NW Indiana that wants to study Ninjitsu but like me because there are no really close dojos to train at and I don't have the funds to travel to Chicago to train with the any Ninjitsu groups I couldn't train in Ninjitsu.at the level that I want to. If you guys know anybody that stays in my area that is interested in studying Ninjitsu with me drop me a line I'm more than willing to learn Ninjitsu with anybody as long as they are dedicated to mastering Ninjitsu for their mastery of the art with me. I'm also going to provide the links that I've found regarding the American Warrior Arts dojo that is supposedly in my area but I think got shut down or merged with one of the Chicago Bujinkan or Genbukan groups to save operational costs.


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