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Re: Looking for Ninjitsu Training Partners in the NW Indiana Area

Subject: Re: Looking for Ninjitsu Training Partners in the NW Indiana Area
by ronin7411 on 2009/10/28 3:42:08

Hi Papa-san and Rjhii and thanks for your assistance but I'm not trying to open a Ninjitsu dojo yet a Ninjitsu study group yeah but an actual dojo not yet. Even though my prior martial arts training is Muay Thai (4 years) , Combat Tai Chi (Tai Chi exercises with San Shou Kung Fu strikes did that for 4 years too), and I'm currently taking the free Tang Soo Do classes at the gym that I train at just to keep up with my martial arts training. But I know that for you to be an adequate teacher at a school you must at least hold a rank of 3rd Degree Black Belt in the style that you want to teach. Also Papa-san and Rhjii I stay in Lake County Indiana which is on average a 30 minute drive just to the south side of Chicago by Hammond, Indiana which is really close to me by only 20 minutes. But the Bujinkan dojos in Chicago are in the Northside of Chicago which is a hour drive just getting there then you still got to factor in the traffic jams and other problems associated with using I-80/94 (people that live out here know what I'm talking about everybody hates I-80/94 ). Highland, Illinois is way too far away from me they are by St Louis, Missouri then that they on the southern part of Illinois while I stay by the right hand corner of Illinois right by Lake Michigan. Indianapolis is a bit far away from me too I stay at the very left hand corner of Indiana while Indianapolis is right in the center and that is a 2 hour drive just going there which at the price gas is going right now ($2.70 a gallon then its expected to go up to $3.75 during the holidays) I don't have the funds to do it. If someone on this forum was a member of American Warrior Arts ' dojo before they did their own thing I'm willing to work with them to further their Ninjitsu training or if they are an independent using the Bujinkan's Home Study Course through Richard Van Donk or Stephen Hayes To Shin Do Ninjitsu I'm willing to still work woth them as long as they are willing to put in the hard work to become good in Ninjitsu. I'm also going to provide links of my location as well as where you guys already suggested that I look into for Ninjitsu training and I think everyone is going to agree with me when I say that's a great deal of distance and money for someone working on a shoestring budget.

My Location Lake County Indiana (since it won't link properly)


The Locations that was Recommended


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