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Re: Self-Training Accountability?

Subject: Re: Self-Training Accountability?
by estevato58 on 2010/2/17 12:27:39

Yea, I worked on v-day at this restaurant I used to work at and didn't get home till 12, then I hadto be up at 5:30becuase I strted a new job and its a bit far from ehre i live and I didn't wanna be late so I skipped my workout yeterday and today in exchange for sleep. I packed myu bag though to go straight to the gym after work tomorrow. No more excuses. I feel like crap though... This weekend really got to me...

My job is fun so far, the training atleast. I wonder what its gonna be like when we get on the line. I'ma build Tundras for Toyota!! Everyone's tellin me that they're goin down but I dont think so....
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