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Re: Self-Training Possible?

Subject: Re: Self-Training Possible?
by Papa-san on 2010/2/22 21:27:29

Videos only become an excellent aid after you have been exposed to the training. How long and how much before those videos become useful is a different question and one with individual answers. You may be able to take a class on one area then use the videos to aid your self training on that area. After again checking with an instructor of skill on what you have done you would see if you had advanced sufficiency to move to another area where you could repeat the process.
Most of us know that we ALL have lives with other responsibilities that just can't be dropped to learn this art. I believe that ninjutsu should never "become" your life, it should help you live your life better and more fully. There was a small group in Little Rock, AK that had no instructor and no one in the area to teach them. I agreed to come once every 3 months to give them instruction on a specific area which they would also tape. Because they did work very hard on the material between my visits, that group did very well and has really grown. That process was carried out for about 3 years, now they have their own qualified shidoshi and do very well. My point is that you don't need to have your hand constantly held, you do need direction and hands on instruction, but much you can do yourself. The chance to train with many groups during your travels can actually be a big plus for you also and I would recommend that highly. I will be in Sydney from 15 March to 21 March this year and if I can help you while there let me know.
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