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Re: Home Project: Shadowbox

Subject: Re: Home Project: Shadowbox
by NYorker on 2014/3/23 12:00:27

Worthy of a proper housing.
 photo IMAG0892_zps64a5b7fd.jpg

Start by measuring: 50in x 14in
Cut 80x2in pine wood planks down to correct lengths for top, bottom and sides for the frame, about $5 each, needed 2.
Also cut 3 planks of pine for backing, 6x36in down to proper width. $5.29 each and I needed 3.
 photo IMAG0895_zps2e7afe6d.jpg

Metal-prong wood joiners hammered in to hold pieces together, then screwed with 1.5in flathead wood screws to hold firmly. $4 for a package of wood joiners and screws.
 photo IMAG0897_zpsf716dc30.jpg
 photo IMAG0899_zpsc6775d1c.jpg
 photo IMAG0898_zps742df298.jpg

Wood was cut for free in the store but I bought a $10 hacksaw to make adjustments since the cuts weren't perfect. This was a bitch to do by hand but didn't take long, 45min for about 9 cuts total.

 photo IMAG0896_zps82cc023c.jpg

Frame is complete, picked out a stain "Red Mohogany", $4.79 for a pint (enough to stain 2 full size doors, much more than I needed).

2 pieces of 36x18 in foam posterboard from Office Depot, $2.99 each. Cut into pieces to fit inside frame, affixed tp pine backing using double sided tape, $4.99 for 1 role.
 photo IMAG0944_zps61b7e245.jpg
 photo IMAG0946_zps88760482.jpg

I didn't take pics during the actual staining, did about 3 coats over 4 days.
 photo IMAG0947_zpse3c4f726.jpg

Couldn't find black construction paper or matting anywhere in town in the correct size and wanted to make the backing without seams so I had to order an entire 50 foot roll of paper for $19.99 plus $9.99 shipping to my front door from Office Depot. (Most expensive part)
 photo IMAG0949_zps5806f292.jpg

Traced over the frame with an exacto knife (razor) to get the general rectangle out of the roll, then measured the interior of the frame 49 3/4in by 13 5/8in, took 3 tries to cut the paper perfect to fit inside, I still have about 40ft of black paper roll remaining...this was the hardest part but the exact knife was perfect for precision cuts.

 photo IMAG0950_zpsba0f360a.jpg

 photo IMAG0951_zps11923728.jpg

Once paper backing was perfect fit inside against foam backing I adhered it using a Elmer's glue spray-adhesive $3.29 per bottle (another addition to the random chemical and cleaner collection under the kitchen sink).
 photo IMAG0959_zps039528b1.jpg

Flipped it over once dried (1 hour) and hammered in a frame holder, kit with about 100 assorted frame holders and nails cost about $7.00 and I've used it for everything hanging on a wall in my place with about 90 extras.
 photo IMAG0960_zpsbc2cda93.jpg

Scroll held in place (free hanging) on two map pins I had laying around (will change these to nails driven through backing into the pine planks to better support the weight).
 photo IMAG0964_zpsec69e6ab.jpg

Scroll is secure, frame is rigid, stain is dry, up it goes on the wall.
 photo IMAG0963_zps2c5c2d32.jpg

Precision measurements ensure scroll sits lightly on bottom without putting slack on the paper and making wrinkles or bulges.
 photo IMAG0965_zps2b520b3c.jpg

A fine addition to my living space.
 photo IMAG0971_zpsdbd8cf47.jpg
Not sure why photos and text are cut off in the thread but click on the photo itself to get the full shot.

Another angle.
 photo IMAG0970_zpsb6932b4d.jpg

Better angle.
 photo IMAG0969_zps91378b16.jpg

Better than spending $250+shipping on the internet.
Maybe add a glass or acrylic dust cover next.

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