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Re: Taking care of Bujinden

Subject: Re: Taking care of Bujinden
by Tessen on 2009/7/24 9:08:13

The other day at Hombu, some concientious junior members helped vacuum and clean up. I was a bit of a bully and asked a visitor to help me so I could get changed (I'm a girl and changing out of sight into street clothes takes some time and I don't want to delay closing up). Thank you to P for helping.

The presiding sensei won't tell students what they need to do, so it is best that overseas dojos prime their students, and encourage them to participate in the whole experience of being here. That means being aware of the vertical structure of Japanese society and dojo, greetings and Dojo etiquette. We simply need to be aware of how things are done here, and the consequences of respecting that or not.
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