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Re: Words From Sensei on the Internet

Subject: Re: Words From Sensei on the Internet
by Zenigata on 2010/11/11 9:56:02


kouryuu wrote:
Sensei said that if we discuss things, we should do so from the point of view of our own individual dojos and training.

We have to be responsible for our own training and speak from our own personal experience, rather than framing things in a "the Bujinkan is this/that..." type of way. Rather than saying, "In the Bujinkan, we...", it would be better to say, "In my dojo / training, I..."

I understand but there is a big cultural shift here. I’m not trying to pick on anyone here but post this message I looked at a few post at random …


Darren wrote:
A commonly misunderstood notion is that passing the godan test automatically makes one a shidoshi. This is not true. Being a shidoshi is a separate process AND responsibility and it is purely a personal choice. One could just be a godan and above without technically being a shidoshi and there are some who have made that choice.


benkyoka wrote:
Rank is rank, skill is skill. They don't seem to correspond at all times among practitioners of the Bujinkan and that may be what Soke had in mind.


Papa-san wrote:
Yes, be serious about YOUR training, seek the best instruction you can find, put effort into it, BUT do not make it your life. Do not expect others to do as you do, they have their own goals which are just as valid for them as yours are for you. It is not the short burst of training at the beginning that develops you, it is the continuation of training throughout your life that will get you the real benefit. That is at least part of the message in "keep going".

… that look beyond talking about just your own individual dojo and training. I do the same so I’m no different.

Having given it a bit of though, looking beyond edicts how do we look at how soke actually feels about people – both from his point of view and culturally (as a Japanese person) discussing the Bujinkan on the internet. Do we look to scrape in on what is permissible or do we look beyond at taking it further to the point we know for sure there is no problem.

Is it ok to discuss the Bujinkan in general as long as we make clear that we are speaking from our own opinion or do we try to truly move to limiting ourselves to only discussing our own dojo and training – referring all bigger issues away? How big a cultural shift is this for most of us? A Japanese person, culturally, would avoid making the sorts of statements most of us do and would usually would require a greater effort to speak on an issue rather than a person from a western culture who requires restraint not to.

I don’t know but I am interested in others opinion.

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