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Re: Words From Sensei on the Internet

Subject: Re: Words From Sensei on the Internet
by Tessen on 2010/11/11 14:54:07

Duncan wrote
How big a cultural shift is this for most of us? A Japanese person, culturally, would avoid making the sorts of statements most of us do and would usually would require a greater effort to speak on an issue rather than a person from a western culture who requires restraint not to.

Most of the non-Japanese members of Bujinkan come from societies that have flat structures, whereas Japanese culture is vertical and hierarchical. Junior people in conservative institutions in Japan (education, business, traditional arts and practices) do not give their opinions unsolicited. They depend instead on received ideas from teachers, academics, managers, experts in their fields.

I'm not suggesting this is right, or the only way to do things. It's how, for the most part, people in Japan share or withold their opinions or dissent. And I'm not saying that Japanese people don't have opinions. My coworkers tell me what they think straight up when they think the audience is sympathetic.

Anyway, that's my 2 yen derived from nearly 8 years of living, training and working in Japan.

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