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Re: Words From Sensei on the Internet

Subject: Re: Words From Sensei on the Internet
by Yamazu on 2010/11/12 22:56:49

Yap, trolls are trolls, and fighting them should be left to the elves and whatnot

However, even speaking to people genuinely interested in this style of MA it might be difficult to stay on the "in my class" point, and make it so that the person really gets the point, that in other teachers classes things might well be something else.

If the question is "how do you in Bujinkan..." and we answer "well, in my class / I do it..." the person still more likely than not thinks it's Bujinkan you are talking about, not just oneself.

That's the fine line I'm seeing here.

But then again, it's always "in the receiving end" where the conclusions are made, no matter how we put it.

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