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Re: Words From Sensei on the Internet

Subject: Re: Words From Sensei on the Internet
by RJHIII on 2010/11/12 23:02:35


kouryuu wrote:
Hi Everyone,

Last Friday night at Hombu Dojo, Hatsumi made some comments at the opening of class about the use of references to the Bujinkan and Hombu on the Internet. He explicitly stated that we should not claim to speak for the Bujinkan or for Hombu Dojo online, and that "there are many stupid people getting into arguments about the Bujinkan on the Internet." Sensei said that if we discuss things, we should do so from the point of view of our own individual dojos and training.

The last part I can clearly see to be an issue with this type of website, as its a discussion forum medium. I would like to encourage those who use this site to keep this in mind. We have to be responsible for our own training and speak from our own personal experience, rather than framing things in a "the Bujinkan is this/that..." type of way. Rather than saying, "In the Bujinkan, we...", it would be better to say, "In my dojo / training, I..."

Please keep this in mind.


(It remained unclear as to whether or not Sensei's remarks included things like putting up films of Hombu training on the Internet, the content of blogs of Japan residents, etc. A couple of us intended to ask Sensei about this after class, but there was a line-up of people with gifts and Sensei left pretty quickly after that. Hopefully this can be clarified in the near future to avoid confusion.)

Thanks for posting this Shawn. If we adhere to this it could provide for a more productive discussion board.

Keep us posted on any answers you might receive when you ask those questions.

Thanks again
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