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Re: Podcast - Back by Popular Demand!

Subject: Re: Podcast - Back by Popular Demand!
by kouryuu on 2009/9/2 16:22:48


Thanks for asking.

If the podcast is to start coming out regularly again, the burden of production will have to be shared among several people. I just don't have the time to do everything myself, and even with 2 people I think it will eventually wear itself down again. This is what has happened to a lot of other podcasts that I was subscribed to back a few years ago when I was doing the Kutaki no Ha podcast. (Wow, its been almost 2 years now since the last episode was produced.) Many of the others, like Kutaki no Ha, had producers who were doing it in their spare time and they just ran out of steam.

To prevent that from happening, I think the following roles would have to be filled:

1) Music / Sound Person
- This person would be responsible for finding suitable, royalty-free music that we could use in the podcast, as well as coming up with little "sound bytes" for use in transitions between sections, etc. and also coordination with people who would like to submit their own music for use on the podcast.

2) Interviewer(s)
- A person or people who would be able to regularly come up with interviews with other Bujinkan students, both beginners and senior people, people who have visited Japan, been to seminars, etc. This person would have to either personally interview and record, or arrange for others to interview and record, in good quality, interviews with potential candidates.

3) Reviewer(s)
- A person to either personally review, or coordinate reviews of, Bujinkan-related books, videos, events or other related topics of interest like martial arts websites of interest, martial arts equipment suppliers, etc.

So basically I would need 3 people to commit to being able to perform the above tasks on a regular basis for an extended period of time. That takes some commitment and I wouldn't want people to volunteer lightly without giving adequate consideration to the seriousness of the commitment. I don't want people to think "That sounds cool," and commit to doing it, and then fall off the bandwagon 2 or 3 episodes down the line.

Also, for numbers 2) and 3) above, I would like someone who has a good amount of experience in the Bujinkan, say 10 years minimum, preferably someone who is a Shidoshi or higher level and who has some experience with traveling to or living in Japan. This will help to give good background experience to what they are talking about on the podcast, which I feel is necessary if the podcast is to be high quality and a source of reliable information.

If you or anyone else reading this is interested in filling one of the above roles, please contact me by pm or email.

Also, please note that as of now, all episodes - Episodes 1 to 30 - are available in the feed linked in the previous post I made in this thread. If you have already subscribed, you may have to update your feed to access the files which were added to the feed today. In iTunes, you do this by right-clicking on the name of the podcast and selecting "Update Podcast".
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