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Re: A nice account of wisdom

Subject: Re: A nice account of wisdom
by skramstadius on 2007/5/22 22:50:26

In my opinion ONE aspect of wisdom is

'the knowledge of how to use your knowledge properly'

Take the fox and cat story for example, the cat was wise in using his knowledge to climb the tree, while the fox was not so wise as to not use his knowledge to escape the dogs.

But, in a different situation without a tree, a wise cat would run to a tree, use a boulder, a steep hill side or any other similar object. That is wisdom too. To be able to use what you know in one context in another context.

Wisdom is also to know when you cannot carry over your knowledge in one field into another field. Compare with the knowledgable politicians, who believe they know more than they do (a treat which seems to be so very common among politicians)

Knowledge, in comparison to wisdom, may be attained by hard studies. But no amount of hard studies, without either reflection or experience, would let you actually use what you have learned.

Wisdom is also to think the appropriate number of steps ahead. It is most often more than just one step (like not throwing yourself into a shallow pool) but nor should one
think too much, which would make you get lost in your own thougths (like the fox).

Appropriate use of your knowledge, that I think is one key to wisdom.
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