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Re: A nice account of wisdom

Subject: Re: A nice account of wisdom
by rjhartung on 2007/5/23 11:27:15

"And, please don't tell me that you do Chi no Kata with the feeling of the Earth."

You don't?...LOL
Do you do chi no kata with different falvours? ( oh wait, you don't eat chi no kata so how can you taste it?)
Don't you change the feeling of the technique? Do you do the same chi no kata in different ways?

Yes there are different "flavors" of Chi no kata. But, no I don't do any of the Sanshin or Go gyo with any feeling of an element. I focus just on the kukan.
But moving on...

Meanings of names do not for the most part have anything to do with the objects they refer.

The meaning of a proper name(non- logical use of proper) has nothing to do with the object. Ogawa is a common name in Japan it means big river, ok how is that understanding the personality of a person. ( In a non-wacko way)

The names of techniques although I often forget the names have more to do with how the techniques look than anything else. Ichimonji (a number one in japanese) Jumonji (number ten) you get the picture.

You can look as deep as you want, just be careful not to trick yourself into believing something false or strange as a result. You might get lucky or you could believe something false? Good luck.

You did ask an important question Rob, about how "budo" fits into a meaningful life, etc. Well I can only give you my take on this, but here it is. Budo permits you to be self directed, not controlled or coerced by others. Budo gives you the power to say "no" and make it stick! It therefore is central to you, you decide how to direct your thought energy and what you create with that. Probably the most distructive thing for us is operating and living our lives based on fear. Fear will stop you from doing what you know to be right and what you really want to do. The power of "budo" means you no longer let that destructive fear direct you so you CAN live a life of meaning.

I generally agree, although the way I word it are a little different. I think Budo allows for a meaningful life by giving us a complete freedom from all those things you have mentioned. A life without limitations a fully examined life of self-creation without the worry about what one is becoming - total freedom.

Great post Ed.
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