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Re: A nice account of wisdom

Subject: Re: A nice account of wisdom
by hiddenlion on 2007/5/23 14:33:21

"Ogawa is a common name in Japan it means big river, ok how is that understanding the personality of a person"

Big river could = over-flowing spirit, flowing with love like a big river, etc...depends largely on the frame of reference. Some names of techniques are based on what they look like, others have more to do with the feeling of the technique, then how they look. You only look at the kukan?
so sometimes you don't do it with aggresiveness, passiveness, or other feelings? You are always non-attached?
How about joy, or fun? you don't play when you do a technique? Sounds like a dull way to train. But what ever gets the results you desire I guess. I suppose you are not a fan of abstract/modern art either. To each there own.
Good discussion though.
I don't consider any of this as wacko...I find it a heathy use of non-linear thinking.
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