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Re: A nice account of wisdom

Subject: Re: A nice account of wisdom
by rjhartung on 2007/5/23 17:20:18

The meaning of the name Ogawa has nothing to do with the person no matter what way you look at it. It is just a name, it doesn't reveal the personality of the person it merely refers to that person. In other words the meaning is meaningless...

Names of techniques are a little better but only refer, and they are just as meaningless - yes meaningless - whatever you try to squeeze out of them as far as some "truth" will most likely be false. The name is just a name, please be careful not mystify the language, too.

Just because you make something sound like Yoda doesn't me you are wise or knowledgeable.

I only look at the kukan, I play in the kukan, I don't need false meanings or extra names to play in the sand box of kukan. (There is more to kukan than people think... But I am not going to even begin talking about that over an internet forum beyond this general statement.)

I actually am a fan of abstract and modern art. And I love jazz and angular music, as well as the blues. I like Dali, Picasso, and Mori.

It's kind of funny how quite a few people assume my tastes based on my philosophy, hmmmm hasn't this taught people that maybe they can't trust what they believe, or that they have many more false beliefs then they thought ( although some people ought to doubt what they believe but merely don't - this distinction of ought is debatable).

Trust me I understand what you are saying, I just don't agree. Sometimes the surface to something is all there is, or sometimes objects are mere facades trying to discover something deeper, and you might be talking about nothing.

But at least we are all thinking... thats a good thing.
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