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Re: A nice account of wisdom

Subject: Re: A nice account of wisdom
by rjhartung on 2007/5/23 17:56:43

Just because you make something sound like Yoda doesn't me you are wise or knowledgeable.

I meant to say that : It doesn't mean that you or me are wise or have knowledge. Sorry...

Appropriate use of your knowledge, that I think is one key to wisdom.

What is appropriate use of knowledge? Again just a gadfly question this way we all can have a discussion rather then me fighting with special jargon.

And what kind of knowledge is properly used?

--Is there any way to change the input font, so I can read it a little better.--

By the way Ogawa 小川 doesn't have anything to to with spirit, it can't mean spirit in this world , in bizarro land it could... And this Ogawa means small river . 大川 means big river, but these are only names, there is nothing attached to these kanji beyond what is attached to them, do not look to deep into names.

What does 大川 or 小川 have to do with this or that guy or girl beyond being thier names. --- NOTHING----- WHAT----SO-----EVER!!! It is cool to talk about names having meanings and is kind of neat and all, but in the end it merely refers, now you can choose a name that has meaning to you but that is something different.
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