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Re: A nice account of wisdom

Subject: Re: A nice account of wisdom
by hiddenlion on 2007/5/23 21:20:32

"There is more to kukan than people think"
seems like a contradiction to me....there are no deeper meanings, labels are just labels and are meaningless.
Then why do Japanese change their names when they get older...how bout the tradition of warrior names...Why give have names at all?
there is no kukan. Is yellow really yellow? Or is it yellow because thats what someone told you?
When you look at an abstract painting what do you see? Why do you like it? Do you see something in the expression or is it just a collection of blended colors and shapes? Its Ok if we don't ever agree, but I am curious what you get out of one non-linear expression that you don't from another. As an artist, I am used to approaching things from a different angle than the average person. I am not insane, but I do admit to being on the eccentric side.
Don't you think the name ogawa big/small river comes from something? Probably the area they were born had a river big or small or the town was named because of the river and the child recieved the name because of that. When I name a pet, I name them based on personality. You think that it is wacko? Meaning is meaning. life doesn't require consensus to have meaning. Really, niether does wisdom. You could be the one wise person in a sea of dolts, wwould you be less wise because nobody else could understand?
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