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Re: Christianity and Bujinkan?

Subject: Re: Christianity and Bujinkan?
by Toruko-jin on 2008/10/2 17:50:57


kouryuu wrote:

Barry wrote:

ElfTengu wrote:
My girlfriend's aunt is a nun, who many years ago was ordered to bow in front of Idi Amin which would have been forbidden from her faith's point of view. She told her sisters that when they were in front of him they were to imagine he was not there and that they were in Mass. She would then quietly say "Let us pray" and they would kneel, thus he would be none the wiser. It worked a treat.

I'm sure Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah would not have approved that.

Are they her judges?


Exactly , no one can get into between you and the all mighty! If you let people get between than you will be worshipping to people not God.

I also want to add sth. ElfTengu wrote:
''I reckon though that more than a few of us with Athestic leanings (or tentative sympathies with Buddhist/Daoist concepts) are guilty of putting Soke in exactly the same place in our hearts as relgious folks do with their leaders, e.g. the Pope, the Dalai Lama, Ayatollah, Guru etc etc.''

I believe the same with you, just want to add that there is no religious leadership or religious class in Islam (like pope, etc..), this is also another misconception pumping to western world (like, Islam = Terrorism). Just a bonus information.
Thank you
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