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Re: Christianity and Bujinkan?

Subject: Re: Christianity and Bujinkan?
by mariusz on 2008/10/3 3:57:11


Toruko-jin wrote:

Exactly , no one can get into between you and the all mighty! If you let people get between than you will be worshipping to people not God.

I agree wi Ercan (this point was laready made in another thread by him and me some time ago). However I owuld like to add, that this is the point at which you can be when you are already an "evolved person". Now, to get there most people probably rely on elders / mentors / role_models / leadership / tradition. Only selected few are born with direct channel to the Almighty open up wide.

As for myself, even when i evolved quite a bit, I have several people I VERY MUCH RESPECT and find them a constant inspiration for my personal growth. I do not see anything wrong with it because the way I approach it is far from cult and dogmatism.


I believe the same with you, just want to add that there is no religious leadership or religious class in Islam (like pope, etc..), this is also another misconception pumping to western world (like, Islam = Terrorism). Just a bonus information.
Thank you

Hey Ercan, I hope you can explain this "no leadership" thing a bit more to me when we meet - I hope to meet you finally at DKMS this year.

As to the terrorists, I believe that most of them are lost souls who are led and confused by evil people. It is unfortunate that "religion" is used for that but I guess this is "the nature of the beasts".
Oh My God! you mean there are no women waiting for them in the paradise after they kill innocent by-standers while killing themselves? If only they would know that... that is a vital piece of recon they are missing when going into action.

peace on Earth!
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