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Re: Principles

Subject: Re: Principles
by jwills79 on 2009/10/20 21:47:23

RJHill wrote:

Jwills, if a person can't read do you teach them the principles of composition? Or do you teach them how to form the sounds of the words and letters they see on the page?

To hit a golf ball do you begin with the principles or do you show them the movement and let them work on it before you move specifics?

Everything that happens has a principle behind it whether we know it or not. That is why they work or don't work. I also think that certain principles have priority over others when it comes to learning. I think basic principles or maybe universal principles first.

Using your golf analogy, we first work on form and the principle of alignment. Then practice the swing only after explaining where the power comes from. Then after try to hit the ball. Followed later by discussing wind speed.

Just going out and doing something and saying play isn't going to cut it. If you want to see how much a person has learned then yeah. If I was in school and a teacher taught this way all the time then they probably wouldn't be considered one of our finest teachers. It would also mean that a small percentage of students would get something from the teaching. A lot of people will be talking about how lost they are. Sound familiar? Have you heard that from students before? Certain people have stated in the past that they are not good teachers. I think people should take that to heart.

With principles explained you have better chance of understanding how they can be applied in other situations. Not simply limited to vessel or situation that was used to teach them.

Since you know a principle by definition is a rule or law used to explain something then yes I would also teach sounds first. Each sound has a certain you must follow in order to make it. I explain where to put the tongue, how the breathe is used and make the sound.

Principles first is my opinion. Like I said ask those who have degrees in teaching or teaching experience outside the dojo. They could shed some light on this.
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