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Re: Principles

Subject: Re: Principles
by Papa-san on 2009/10/22 0:30:39

You have understood a lot of what I was saying. A"perfect" technique is known and recognized and therefore can be stopped, UNLESS it comes as a surprise, is hidden, and not seen. That is maybe the thing we should really be working on. Instead of "perfecting", which doesn't happen as perfect is beyond human capability, we should emphasize hiding what we do. Teaching what causes the "surprise", looking at the energy we project and use it to hide our moves. I do think that the principles are what all effective action is based upon. Kata and technique are merely vehicles to teach the principles. Principles are a way to adapt effectively to any situation and again I agree that one either adapts or one looses. When loss means death you are dead. Way too often we forget that our art is a COMBAT art and does not fit into any other situation. Live or die, that might be determined by a fraction of a second or a millimeter of distance. One of the most stupid lines I ever heard in a movie was from "enter the dragon" --- "but I'd be looking good" this while he was beaten to a pulp later.
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