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Catching the Tengu by the nose.

Subject: Catching the Tengu by the nose.
by RJHIII on 2010/5/13 17:46:30

I recently came across a story in which a samurai was able to defeat a tengu by catching it by the nose, which caused me to think a bit more deeply ( not like I don't over think as it is).

What started me thinking was the phrase "天狗になる。”
Which literally means to become a tengu, but is taken to mean to be egotistical or arrogant. Perhaps, the story I read had little to do with overcoming one's own arrogance.

Everyone at some point in there lives may become a little bit arrogant or egoistical. But, when they only concern themselves with what they "think" is right without any evidence other than their own self indulged evidence it can begin kill them in a way. Before, it gets to that point we all ought to throw toss our ego by grasping our own tengu by the nose.

I'm trying to do just that... Although, my own tengu is large and has a very long nose.
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