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When to 'draw the line'

Subject: When to 'draw the line'
by Papa-san on 2011/10/7 4:01:52

It seems we are always going to have individuals who will be offensive in their posts and though their words seek to intimidate others who post. This will probably be the reality of any site. The question then becomes what to do about it. When is it merely passion for your view and when does that change to a desire to cause intimidation and fear? How do we, each of us here, decide to accept or reject another's opinion? When and where do we draw the line on another's behavior?
For myself I will always seek to address the ideas stated and accept them or reject them based on my own experience. Knowing that others may have had additional experience in areas that I haven't, I would want to know upon what that poster based his/her viewpoint. It is the viewpoint that should be open for questioning and personalities should not enter into this discussion. Politicians have been for decades used the strategy of attacking the person when they really have no response for the issue. It is always a sleezy policy.
I believe it was Goebles the propaganda minister of Hitler who said that if you tell a lie long and forceful enough people will accept it as the truth. So when a lie is stated as fact, do we accept that or speak up against it? All it takes for "evil" to succeed is for good people to do nothing, so do we sit on the sidelines? This is a world we all have to live in and we are collectively and individually responsible for what happens here.
So the question again where do we draw the line, when is it needed to respond to discourteous and abusive behavior? Also what response should be given? I'm very interested in what other members feel about this, thanks for your ideas.
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